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The Ultimate Guide to Dentists

Opting for dental care in Turkey proves highly convenient due to a convergence of factors that make the country an attractive destination for dental tourism. First and foremost, Turkey boasts a well-established and modern healthcare infrastructure, with dental facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology and facilities. The country is home to a growing number of internationally-trained dentists who offer a wide array of dental treatments and services, ensuring patients have access to high-quality care for various dental needs.

Moreover, the cost-effectiveness of dental procedures in Turkey is a major draw. Compared to many Western countries, the prices for dental treatments in Turkey are considerably lower, making it a cost-efficient choice for individuals seeking dental care without compromising on quality. Additionally, many dental clinics in Turkey offer flexible appointment scheduling, timely service, and often have multilingual staff, making it easier for international patients to navigate their dental journey seamlessly.

Furthermore, Turkey’s strategic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia makes it easily accessible for individuals from various parts of the world. The country’s rich cultural heritage, diverse attractions, and warm hospitality make the overall experience enjoyable for dental tourists. Overall, the combination of advanced dental facilities, affordable prices, accessibility, and a favorable tourism experience makes choosing Turkey for dental care a highly convenient option.

What Is The Weather Like In Turkey?

The weather in Turkey can vary depending on the region and the time of year. Turkey experiences a diverse climate due to its geographical location, encompassing Mediterranean, Aegean, and Continental climate zones. Here’s a general overview:

  1. Mediterranean Coast (e.g., Antalya, Bodrum, Marmaris):

    • Spring (March to May): Mild and pleasant temperatures, ranging from 15°C to 25°C (59°F to 77°F).
    • Summer (June to August): Hot and dry, with temperatures often exceeding 30°C (86°F) and minimal rainfall.
    • Autumn (September to November): Mild temperatures, ranging from 20°C to 30°C (68°F to 86°F).
    • Winter (December to February): Mild and wet, with temperatures around 10°C to 15°C (50°F to 59°F).
  2. Aegean Coast (e.g., Izmir, Cesme):

    • The Aegean region experiences a Mediterranean climate with similar characteristics to the Mediterranean coast, including warm summers and mild winters.
  3. Interior Regions (e.g., Ankara, Cappadocia):

    • Summer (June to August): Hot and dry, with temperatures often exceeding 30°C (86°F).
    • Winter (December to February): Cold and snowy, with temperatures ranging from 0°C to 10°C (32°F to 50°F).
  4. Eastern Turkey (e.g., Van, Erzurum):

    • Summer (June to August): Mild and pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 30°C (68°F to 86°F).
    • Winter (December to February): Extremely cold and snowy, with temperatures often dropping below freezing.

It’s important to note that weather patterns can vary each year due to natural fluctuations. Travelers planning a visit to Turkey should check the latest weather forecasts closer to their travel dates for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

New Mosque and city view of Istanbul, Turkey

Best of Turkey Destinations 🏙️

Blue Mosque in Istanbul


Cappadocia Ancient town in Turkey


Travertine pools and terraces in Pamukkale, Turkey


Ancient sculptures on Mount Nemrut with a blue sky in the background in Turkey

Mount Nemrut

Must-see attractions for your itinerary

Hagia Sophia or Ayasofya (Turkish), Istanbul, Turkey

Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya)

Sultan Ahmed Mosque

Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed Mosque)

Ceramic Tile

Topkapi Palace

Traditional Turkish Adana Kebab - Shish Kebab

The best traditional Turkey dishes that you can taste

Turkish cuisine is renowned for its diverse flavors and unique combinations of ingredients. Here are some of the best traditional Turkish dishes you should definitely try:

  1. Kebabs (Kebaplar): Turkish kebabs are iconic, including varieties like Adana kebab (spiced minced meat), Şiş kebab (grilled meat skewers), and Döner kebab (rotating meat on a vertical spit).

  2. Baklava: A sweet pastry made of layers of thin dough, filled with nuts and syrup or honey. It’s a quintessential Turkish dessert.

  3. Mezes: A variety of appetizers and small dishes, such as Hummus, Tzatziki, Dolma (stuffed grape leaves), and Çiğ köfte (spiced raw meatballs).

  4. Köfte: Ground meat (usually beef or lamb) mixed with spices, shaped into meatballs or patties, and grilled. Served with a side of rice, vegetables, and bread.

  5. Lahmacun: Also known as “Turkish pizza,” it’s a thin flatbread topped with a spicy mixture of minced meat, vegetables, and herbs.

  6. Manti: Small dumplings filled with spiced meat or lentils, topped with yogurt, garlic, and a drizzle of red pepper-infused oil.

  7. Pide: Boat-shaped flatbreads topped with various ingredients like cheese, minced meat, or vegetables.

  8. Menemen: A traditional breakfast dish made with sautéed peppers, tomatoes, and eggs, often spiced with chili flakes.

  9. Iskender Kebab: Sliced döner kebab served over pieces of pita bread, topped with tomato sauce and yogurt.

  10. Turkish Tea and Coffee: Sip on strong, flavorful Turkish tea or enjoy the unique brewing process of Turkish coffee, usually sweetened to taste.

  11. Kumpir: Baked potatoes mixed with a variety of toppings like cheese, olives, corn, and pickles.

  12. Simit: A circular bread covered in sesame seeds, often enjoyed as a snack or breakfast item.

  13. Turkish Breakfast (Kahvaltı): A spread of cheeses, olives, eggs, jams, honey, bread, and more, providing a delightful start to the day.

  14. Şırdan: A dish made from sheep intestines, often enjoyed in southeastern Turkey.

These traditional Turkish dishes showcase the rich and diverse flavors of Turkish cuisine, a delightful blend of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Central Asian influences.

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How Much Can I Save on Dentistry in Turkey Compared to the USA or Canada?

Here’s a general comparison of estimated costs for some common dental procedures:

  1. Dental Cleaning:

    • USA: $75 – $200 USD
    • Canada: $90 – $200 CAD
    • Turkey: $30 – $80 USD
  2. Dental Filling (per tooth):

    • USA: $100 – $400 USD
    • Canada: $90 – $300 CAD
    • Turkey: $20 – $100 USD
  3. Dental Crown:

    • USA: $800 – $2,500 USD
    • Canada: $800 – $2,500 CAD
    • Turkey: $150 – $700 USD
  4. Dental Implant (including crown):

    • USA: $3,000 – $6,000 USD per implant
    • Canada: $3,000 – $7,000 CAD per implant
    • Turkey: $750 – $2,500 USD per implant
  5. Teeth Whitening:

    • USA: $500 – $1,500 USD
    • Canada: $300 – $1,000 CAD
    • Turkey: $150 – $500 USD

It’s evident that opting for dental treatments in Turkey can potentially lead to significant cost savings, often ranging from 40% to 70% less compared to the USA and Canada. However, it’s essential to carefully research and choose reputable dental clinics in Turkey to ensure quality care and safety. Additionally, consider travel and accommodation costs when evaluating overall savings from dental tourism. Always consult with a dentist for precise treatment plans and cost estimates.


Dental Implant Prices in the US vs Turkey:

Type of Implant Procedure Average Cost in the US Average Cost in Turkey
Single Dental Implant (without crown)
$1,300 - $2,000
$600 - $1,500
Single Dental Implant with Crown + Abutment
$3,000 - $5,000
$1,200 - $3,000
All-on-4 (per arch)
$25,000 - $30,000
$8,000 - $15,000
All-on-6 Implants (per arch)
$24,000 - $32,000
$10,000 - $18,000

Veneers/Smile Makeover Prices in the US vs Turkey:

Type of Veneer Treatment Average Cost in the US Average Cost in Turkey
Single Composite Veneer (direct bonding)
$800 - $1,000
$80 - $350
Single Porcelain Veneer
$1,000 - $2,000
$300 - $800
Full Smile Makeover with 12-18 Porcelain Veneers
$20,000 - $40,000
$3,500 - $12,000

Other Treatments in the US vs Turkey:

Type of Treatment Average Cost in the US Average Cost in Turkey
Laser Teeth Whitening
$500 - $1,500
$200 - $600
Root Canal
$750 - $1,300
$250 - 800
Full Acrylic Denture
$1,500 - $2,000
$300 - $1,200
Single Porcelain Crown
$1,000 - $1,500
$300 - $800
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
$500 - $1,000
$80 - $250 (per tooth)
Japanese couple waving flag of Turkey holding globe packing indoor

Turkey Dental Tourism Packages

Turkey has become a prominent hub for dental tourism, attracting individuals from around the world seeking high-quality dental care at affordable prices. Dental tourism packages in Turkey often encompass a range of services, making it convenient and attractive for international visitors. Here’s what you can expect from these packages:

Turkey’s dental tourism packages provide a well-rounded experience, combining top-notch dental care with the opportunity to explore the country’s cultural and historical attractions. These offerings continue to attract individuals seeking quality dental treatments at competitive prices in a beautiful and vibrant travel destination.

Types of Dentistry Available in Turkey

Turkey offers a comprehensive range of dental services, making it a hub for various branches of dentistry. General dentistry is widely available, providing routine check-ups, cleanings, and basic treatments. Cosmetic dentistry is a prominent field, offering procedures like teeth whitening, veneers, and smile makeovers to enhance aesthetics. Orthodontics, including braces and aligners, is commonly practiced, and periodontists address gum-related issues. Endodontists specialize in root canals and pulp treatments, while prosthodontists focus on dental prosthetics like dentures and implants. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons conduct complex surgical procedures. Pediatric dentistry caters to children’s oral health needs, and implantology is well-established, providing dental implant treatments. Overall, Turkey’s dental landscape covers a broad spectrum of specialized services, ensuring comprehensive and quality dental care for both local and international patients.

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