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Dentist In Sweden

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The Ultimate Guide to Dentists

Going to the dentist in Sweden can be a cost-effective and advantageous choice for several reasons. First and foremost, Sweden has a well-developed public healthcare system that covers dental care for individuals under the age of 23, making it an affordable option for young adults and families. This means that routine check-ups, cleanings, and necessary treatments are often fully or partially funded by the government, saving patients a significant amount of money compared to private dental care in many other countries.

Additionally, Sweden boasts a high standard of dental care, with well-trained and experienced professionals using modern equipment and techniques. The emphasis on preventive care in Sweden’s dental system can help individuals maintain good oral health and address issues at an early stage, reducing the need for more expensive and invasive treatments in the future. Furthermore, many dentists in Sweden are proficient in English, making it accessible and convenient for expatriates or tourists seeking dental services while visiting the country.

Moreover, Sweden’s commitment to sustainability extends to dental care. Many dental clinics in the country prioritize eco-friendly practices, such as using digital X-rays and reducing waste, which not only benefits the environment but also helps keep costs lower. Overall, seeking dental care in Sweden can provide quality treatment, cost savings, and a commitment to sustainability that makes it a compelling choice for those in need of dental services.

What Is The Weather Like In Sweden?

The weather in Sweden varies significantly depending on the season and region. Sweden experiences four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

During the summer months, which typically span from June to August, Sweden enjoys pleasant and relatively mild weather. Temperatures in southern and central parts of the country can range from 20°C to 25°C (68°F to 77°F) on average, making it an ideal time for outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, and exploring the beautiful Swedish landscapes. In the northern regions, such as Lapland, summers are shorter, but you can still experience the mesmerizing phenomenon of the midnight sun.

As autumn sets in from September to November, temperatures gradually drop, and Sweden’s forests and landscapes transform into a stunning display of vibrant fall colors. Autumn temperatures can vary widely, with southern Sweden experiencing milder weather compared to the north. It’s a great time to enjoy the picturesque scenery and cultural events, such as harvesting festivals.

The winter season, from December to February, brings colder and snowier conditions to most of Sweden. Southern parts of the country have milder winters with temperatures hovering around freezing, while the northern regions, like Lapland, offer a true winter wonderland with ample opportunities for winter sports like skiing and snowmobiling. The Swedish concept of “hygge” becomes particularly relevant during this time, as people embrace the coziness of indoor activities and warm, candlelit gatherings. Overall, Sweden’s weather varies widely throughout the year, providing a diverse range of experiences for residents and visitors alike.

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Best of Sweden Destinations 🏙️



top view from skansen kronan


best kiruna northern lights tour




Must-see attractions for your itinerary

Stockholm's Gamla Stan

Stockholm's Gamla Stan


Vasa Museum

Vasa Museum


abisko national park

Abisko National Park


swedish food meatballs

The best traditional Swedish dishes that you can taste

Swedish cuisine offers a range of traditional dishes that showcase the country’s flavors and culinary heritage. Here are four of the best traditional Swedish dishes that you must try:

  1. Swedish Meatballs: Perhaps one of Sweden’s most iconic dishes, Swedish meatballs are a must-try. These small, flavorful meatballs are typically made from a mix of ground beef and pork, seasoned with spices like allspice and nutmeg. They are served with lingonberry sauce, creamy gravy, and often accompanied by mashed potatoes or lingonberry jam. You can find meatballs served in homes, cafés, and restaurants throughout Sweden.

  2. Gravlax: Gravlax is a delicious Swedish dish made from thinly sliced, cured salmon. The salmon is traditionally marinated with a mixture of sugar, salt, and dill, which imparts a sweet and herbaceous flavor. Gravlax is often served on rye bread or crispbread, garnished with mustard sauce, dill, and sometimes with a side of boiled potatoes. It’s a classic Swedish appetizer and a true delicacy.

  3. Herring: Herring is a staple in Swedish cuisine, and there are numerous ways to prepare it. Pickled herring, served in a variety of flavorful marinades such as mustard, onion, or garlic, is a common dish during traditional Swedish smorgasbords. Herring is usually enjoyed with crispbread, potatoes, and sour cream. The combination of sweet and savory flavors makes it a unique and beloved Swedish dish.

These traditional Swedish dishes offer a glimpse into the country’s culinary culture and are enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. Exploring these flavors is an essential part of experiencing the rich gastronomic traditions of Sweden.

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How Much Can I Save on Dentistry in Sweden Compared to the USA or Canada?

The cost of dentistry in Sweden, like in many European countries, is generally lower compared to the United States or Canada. One of the primary reasons for this cost difference is Sweden’s universal healthcare system. Dental care for individuals under the age of 23 is fully covered by the government, which includes routine check-ups, cleanings, and necessary treatments. For adults, the cost of dental care is subsidized, making it more affordable than in countries without universal healthcare. This can result in significant savings for both residents and expatriates living in Sweden.

In contrast, dental care in the United States and Canada is often expensive and typically relies on private insurance or out-of-pocket payments. Without comprehensive dental insurance, individuals in the USA and Canada can face substantial costs for dental procedures, which can deter some from seeking regular care. As a result, many people may delay necessary treatments, leading to more significant oral health issues in the long run. In Sweden, the emphasis on preventive care and affordable access to dental services can ultimately result in savings by addressing issues before they become major problems.

While the exact amount of savings can vary depending on the specific dental procedures and individual insurance coverage, it is generally safe to say that dental care in Sweden tends to be more cost-effective due to its universal healthcare system. For individuals without dental insurance or those seeking affordable care, Sweden can offer a financially advantageous option compared to the higher costs often associated with dental care in the United States and Canada.

Dental Implant Prices in the US vs Sweden:

Type of Implant Procedure Average Cost in the US Average Cost in Sweden
Single Dental Implant (without crown)
$1,300 - $2,000
$800 - $2,500
Single Dental Implant with Crown + Abutment
$3,000 - $5,000
$1,800 - $5,000
All-on-4 (per arch)
$25,000 - $30,000
$12,000 - $25,000
All-on-6 Implants (per arch)
$24,000 - $40,000
$15,000 - $35,000

Veneers/Smile Makeover Prices in the US vs Sweden:

Type of Veneer Treatment Average Cost in the US Average Cost in Sweden
Single Composite Veneer (direct bonding)
$800 - $1,000
$200 - $1,200
Single Porcelain Veneer
$1,000 - $2,000
$600 - $2,000
Full Smile Makeover with 12-18 Porcelain Veneers
$12,000 - $30,000
$7,000 - $35,000

Other Treatments in the US vs Sweden:

Type of Treatment Average Cost in the US Average Cost in Sweden
Laser Teeth Whitening
$500 - $1,500
$400 - $1,200
Root Canal
$750 - $2,500
$600 - $2,000
Full Acrylic Denture
$1,500 - $3,000
$800 - $2,500
Single Porcelain Crown
$1,000 - $2,500
$600 - $2,000
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
$500 - $1,000
$200 - $500 (per tooth)

Sweden Dental Tourism Packages

Sweden has become an increasingly popular destination for dental tourism, offering a unique blend of high-quality dental care and captivating tourist experiences. Dental tourists are drawn to Sweden not only for its advanced dental treatments but also for the opportunity to explore the country’s rich culture and natural beauty.

Many dental clinics in Sweden now offer comprehensive dental tourism packages that include dental treatments such as implants, veneers, or orthodontic work, along with personalized travel itineraries. These packages often provide patients with cost-effective options compared to their home countries while ensuring top-notch dental services. Moreover, patients can take advantage of Sweden’s well-preserved historical sites, picturesque landscapes, and vibrant cities during their stay, making dental treatments a part of a memorable and enriching travel experience.

Whether it’s the modern amenities of Stockholm, the serene beauty of the Swedish archipelago, or the northern wonder of the Northern Lights in Lapland, dental tourism in Sweden offers a chance to enhance one’s oral health while exploring the country’s diverse and captivating attractions. With its commitment to healthcare excellence and a range of tourist activities, Sweden is emerging as a prime destination for those seeking quality dental care with a side of adventure.

Types of Dentistry Available in Sweden

In Sweden, you can find highly skilled dentists who may practice in smaller clinics but are experts in various specialized fields, enabling them to offer a wide range of treatments within one facility.

Conversely, Sweden also features comprehensive dental centers that adopt a multidisciplinary approach and collaborate with extensive teams of specialists. This cooperative approach extends to working closely with proficient laboratory technicians, anesthesiologists, and support staff, enabling them to provide comprehensive dental services that encompass all aspects of dentistry, including:

Why Choose Sweden for Dental Care?

Sweden stands out as a prime choice for those seeking cost-effective dental care, especially for budget-conscious individuals from the United States and Canada who prefer not to venture too far for top-notch, affordable treatment. The reasons for this are as follows:

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High Quality of Care

Our carefully screened partner dentists have received training in the United States and are often affiliated with the American Dental Association or accredited by major US accreditation bodies. You can explore World of Dentistry to find dentists who have been independently verified and have garnered outstanding reviews from patients who have had successful experiences


Great Prices

If you're facing steep dental costs in the USA, Canada, or Europe, consider Sweden as a practical option for more cost-effective treatment. Sweden is a popular global dental destination known for safe and affordable care, with potential savings of 10% compared to prices in your home country.

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English Is Widely Spoken

Our certified dentists and clinics in Sweden have extensive experience treating patients from across the globe, especially in popular destinations like Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. These clinics often cater to an international clientele seeking affordable care. Consequently, you can anticipate that English is commonly spoken in these areas, and dentists at leading clinics typically have a high level of fluency in English.

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