At World Of Dentistry, we are committed to providing seniors with top-notch dental implant services at prices significantly lower than those found in the USA or Europe, all while ensuring the highest quality care. Our dental clinics utilize premium titanium implants as a strong and reliable base for crowns, bridges, or hybrid dentures. With a track record of arranging over 100,000 appointments across 30+ countries, we connect you with highly recommended dentists who are renowned experts in their field. Embark on a cost-effective journey toward regaining your confident and functional smile with World Of Dentistry, where affordability harmonizes seamlessly with excellence.

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Dental Implants for Seniors

Dental implants for seniors are a dental treatment involving the surgical placement of artificial tooth roots into the jawbone to support replacement teeth like crowns or dentures. They serve to restore oral functionality, improve aesthetics, and enhance overall quality of life for older individuals. The benefits include improved chewing ability, speech clarity, and a natural-looking smile, along with the prevention of bone loss in the jaw, promoting long-term oral health.

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Why Book With Us?

When you choose our network, you are opting for a dental care journey that embodies luxury and high-quality service. We pride ourselves on partnering with only the elite dental clinics, ensuring that every facility you encounter through us adheres to the highest standards of practice. Our rigorous approval process guarantees that you will receive treatment from a dentist who is at the pinnacle of their profession, committed to delivering VIP-standard care. Booking with us means securing a dental experience that is synonymous with expertise and supreme care.

In addition, our network stands as a trusted entity in the dental industry, offering access to clinics that are a testament to cleanliness, beauty, and superior quality. We house certified and licensed dentists who are experts in delivering premium dental services. By booking with us, you are entering a global community of dental practitioners who are celebrated for their commitment to excellence and patient satisfaction. Entrust us with your smile, and we vow to provide the best care available, merging innovation with global outreach to ensure a dental journey that is remarkable and satisfying.

Choosing World Of Dentistry grants you access to a plethora of benefits that redefine dental care standards:

Global Network of Excellence: Connect with a global network of top-tier dental clinics and practitioners.

Premium Dental Clinics: Gain access to a curated selection of premium dental clinics committed to high standards of practice.

Certified and Licensed Dentists: Rest assured with our certified and licensed dentists who are committed to providing premium services.

Innovative Approach: Benefit from an innovative approach to dental care that blends modern techniques with a luxurious experience.

Trust and Reliability: Our stringent approval process fosters trust and reliability, promising you a dental journey that is exceptional and secure.

Commitment to Excellence: Our approval process showcases our commitment to excellence, promising a dental journey that is both satisfying and secure.

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What Are the Costs of Dental Implants for Seniors for Dental Tourists?

The cost of dental implants can vary widely depending on the country and the specific clinic you choose. It’s important to bear in mind that these figures are approximate estimates, and the real cost of dental implants can fluctuate significantly due to variables like the choice of materials, the proficiency of the dentist, and any supplementary procedures that might be necessary.

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Dental implants in the USA can range from $1,500 to $6,000 or more per implant.

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Mexico is a popular destination for dental tourism. On average, dental implants in Mexico may cost between $800 and $2,500 per implant.

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In the UK, dental implant costs can range from £1,000 to £2,500 per implant.

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Turkey is another country known for affordable dental tourism. The cost of dental implants in Turkey can range from $600 to $1,500 per implant.

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Dental implant costs in Australia can range from AUD 2,000 to AUD 6,000 per implant.

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Bali is also a dental tourism destination. Dental implants in Bali can range from $800 to $2,000 per implant.

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What Is the Procedure for a Dental Implants for Seniors?

The procedure for dental implants for seniors typically involves several steps, which can vary slightly depending on individual cases and the specific approach of the dental professional. However, here are four fundamental steps in the dental implant process:


Initial Evaluation: The process begins with a thorough examination to assess oral health, including X-rays to evaluate the jawbone. A treatment plan is created, considering the number of implants needed and the type of restoration.


Implant Placement: Surgical placement of titanium implant posts into the jawbone occurs, with the aim of osseointegration, where the bone bonds with the implants over several months.


Abutment Attachment: Once osseointegration is successful, abutments are connected to the implants in a minor surgical procedure. Abutments serve as attachment points for prosthetic teeth.


Prosthetic Placement: Custom-made prosthetic teeth (crowns, bridges, or dentures) are attached securely to the abutments, restoring both function and aesthetics for the patient’s smile

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What about the Quality of Dental Care? Is It Reliable?

World Of Dentistry is synonymous with quality and reliability in dental care, standing as a beacon of excellence in the industry. Our curated network of dental clinics is committed to upholding the highest standards of practice, ensuring that every patient receives top-tier care that is both luxurious and reliable. Our stringent approval process, combined with our dedication to hosting only certified and licensed dentists, ensures that the dental care you receive is both of exceptional quality and consistently reliable. This process is designed to nurture patient trust and boost the reputation of the esteemed professionals in our network. When you choose World Of Dentistry, you are opting for a dental experience that is marked by innovation, global reach, and a commitment to delivering care that meets the highest standards of excellence.

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Supreme Dental Clinic in Algodones, Mexico

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Bangkok Dental Center in Bangkok, Thailand

Furthermore, we provide supplementary services and act as a comprehensive resource for your dental journey. You can consult with us regarding lodging options such as hotels and nearby accommodations, insurance coverage, and even financial solutions that can facilitate your dental care trip.

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